Friday, June 22, 2007

What is OPML? - OPML - Outline Processor Markup Language - has been floating around for a few years now, but what is it and how do you edit those files?

Essentially OPML is a type of XML document which was designed to help you organize data in an outline fashion, rather than maintaining all of the data in one big messy chunk, making it easier to transfer information back and forth betweens ervices.

Editing and OPML file is pretty simple. Since it's an XML format, you can simply use your favorite text editor.

Of course, any XML editor will work, since OPML is an XML format.

Dave Winer has an OPML editor:

The OPML Editor follows in the tradition of simple text-based tools masquerading as a rich development platform. Or is it the other way around? It's always been this way. The most powerful applications are also the most powerful development platforms. The various text editors on Unix. Quark XPress on the Macintosh. Notepad on Windows. Inside every text editor is the potential of platform, and every platform must have a simple text editor.

Buzz is an open-source,c ross platform, OPML editor that you may want to try in place of Dave Winer's editor.

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