Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where Do You Look for Jobs?

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - What do I do for a living? Go ahead and take a guess. I have managed to turn something I love into a career. You may not be so lucky, and might be looking for something new. Where do you go to find a new job? http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

You Need Things to Do Things

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - No matter what it is you need to do, you need to keep track of what you're doing. Everyone has a different system. My Inbox is usually my task list. I know what I have to do, because it's right there in my Inbox. What do you use to track your tasks? http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Convert PDF Files

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - Oh, PDF you are so beautiful there in my viewer, but I cannot edit you! I have to convert you somehow to a format that I can edit. Or I can head over to a new website that I came across last night! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Monday, February 23, 2009

How to Find Streaming Movies on Netflix

http://go.tagjag.com/netflix - http://geeks.pirillo.com - If you don't have a Netflix account already, you're missing out. You can watch Netflix movies on demand on your computer. But it's challenging finding out what's available on demand. http://live.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks on the iPhone?

http://go.tagjag.com/dogtricks - http://geeks.pirillo.com - Pixie is not amused with the Bark Machine. I can always move on to other aspects of this very cool new App, including ones that help teach her new tricks! http://chris.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Twitter Song

http://go.tagjag.com/tweetaholic - http://live.pirillo.com - I'm a Tweetaholic, are you? Have you heard the Twitter song yet? I asked Dave Ryder to do a Twitter song, and he created it within two days! He did an amazing job!! Create your own music video with it! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Is Bowling a Sport?

http://go.tagjag.com/downhill - http://geeks.pirillo.com - You'd probably never imagine that bowling on your iPhone would be addictive. Then again, you've likely not played Downhill Bowling yet! This game takes a lot of coordination and concentration, and it's fun! http://live.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

What's the Best Word Games on the iPhone?

http://go.tagjag.com/wordsworth - http://geeks.pirillo.com - If you like word games, and you have an iPhone, you definitely want to check this game out. Wordsworth will remind you of the TumbleBees game that many of you are addicted to online. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where Do You Find Manuals?

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - You've probably hit the frustration when needing to find information about hardware or software. You reach for the manual, only to not be able to find what you need. You just can't find things easily. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Map the Daily News

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - This screensaver is called MappedUp. If you're using either Windows or OS X, you can use it, just like I do. It will not only alert you to news as it's happening - it will also show you where it's happening! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Email Web Pages to Yourself

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - Let's say you want to go to a website to see what's new. You may not be able to access the site, due to content filtering. If you sign up with this free service, you can receive emails containing the contents of the web page you wanted to visit. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Connect Devices to Your Network with Power Outlets

http://go.tagjag.com/powernet - http://live.pirillo.com - The PowerNet 200 is for those of you who have a house that may not have existing cabling for networking. Or, maybe you need a network port in a place where there isn't one. This is a starter kit for Ethernet anywhere! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Watch YouTube Subscriptions on the iPhone

http://go.tagjag.com/subs - http://geeks.pirillo.com - If you want a good way to track your YouTube subscriptions on your iPhone, you can check out the Subs App. Subs allows you to enter in your YouTube username and scroll between your subscriptions to watch their latest videos. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to Track and Extract Replies on Twitter

http://twickie.pirillo.com - http://www.twitter.com/chrispirillo - I've been blogging since January of 2002, and the archives are still there. Years later, I've begun to participate in other places, such as Twitter. Sometimes, I get excellent replies on Twitter, and I wanted a way to be able to extract those replies for my blog. http://live.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Where Were You at 1234567890 (UNIX Epoch Clock Time)?

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - Epoch time started January 1, 1970. According to the Epoch clock, we hit 1234567890 today! Now you will be able to say where you were when that time passed! I swear it, gumdrops were falling from the sky in Seattle, and yes - I really did chair dance! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Send Free SMS Text Messages on the iPhone or iPod

http://go.tagjag.com/SMS - http://geeks.pirillo.com - Hopefully within a few weeks, Infinite SMS will be available in iTunes. That will allow you to send free SMS messages from your iPhone or iPod Touch. The App isn't free, but the texts you send from it will be. http://live.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Is the Internet Better than Traditional Schooling?

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - I am not a parent at this point in time, other than to my dogs. If and when I do have kids, I will likely give serious consideration to homeschooling. I know for myself, I learned more outside of the classroom than I did inside of it. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Create an Awesome Twitter Profile Background

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - Do you Twitter? If so, then you know you can tell the World what you're doing in 140 characters or less. Many people who tweet have jazzed up their home page background on Twitter. Do you know how to amp up yours? http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Free Memory on the iPhone

http://go.tagjag.com/freememory - http://live.pirillo.com - Even though we know that Apple doesn't currently let you run any application in the background. Sometimes, bits of the application will stay in the background upon exiting it, and it hogs up your resources. You can now use an App to help free up your memory! http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Brain Toniq

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - Many of you follow me on Twitter, and know of the Twestival - a World-wide Twitter festival. People were busy raising money for Charity:Water. I decided to play Subservient Chris again, to help raise money. One donation request had me drinking three Brain Toniq's within a minute... http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Make Your Room Smell Like an iPhone

http://go.tagjag.com/fresh - http://geeks.pirillo.com - There's going to come a time in your life when you feel the room you're in just doesn't smell very well. I had to get out my iPhone to freshen up the office recently, after Pixie had a little gas accident. http://live.pirillo.com - http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Send Large Files Via Email

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - I love my Dad, but we have the same argument every week on the phone. He wants to attach videos through email, even though they're huge. I keep trying to tell him not to. Sending large files through email is considered to be bad netiquette! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do You Read to Your Kids - or Did Your Parents Read to You?

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - If you're a parent and you're not reading to your child - start. Literacy is extremely important in the intellectual development of a child. What if you're looking for a true interactive experience? Have no fear - there's a website that provides everything you could ask for. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What is the Best Network Management Tool?

http://go.tagjag.com/perspective/ - http://geeks.pirillo.com - I know many of you out there have to manage a network. The folks over at PacketTrap have been instrumental in helping our community grow. They've now come out with Perspective - an excellent tool to help manage your network! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Use MSN, Yahoo, AIM, MySpace, Facebook, Google Talk

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - I'm using my iPhone to IM with a friend of mine, via MSN. I'm also chatting it up with people on AOL, Yahoo and ICQ. Heck, I can even chat using MySpace, Facebook and Google Talk! This iPhone App has over 1000 positive reviews! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Keep Your Game Hands Cool: Nyko Airflo EX

http://tagjag.com/nyko - http://geeks.pirillo.com - There seems to be approximately 1 billion game controllers on the market these days. Most of them happen to run only on Windows. Ugh! I need one that works on a Mac, as well. http://chris.pirillo.com http://live.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

The Beats by Dr. Dre and Monster

http://go.tagjag.com/beats - http://geeks.pirillo.com - I'm checking out the newest in products from the folks at Monster - the Beats. Would you believe that Dr. Dre himself sent these to me? Ok, so maybe he didn't. But it's still pretty cool to think he might have! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to Find Friends on the Wii

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - I have a Mii on my Wii. Both of my brothers do, as well. Bringing us all together isn't always easy to do. My brother Adam(frojive on Twitter)found a website where you can share you Mii ID with others! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Merge PDF Files for Free

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - Yes, you likely have PDFs scattered across your hard drive. What do you do when you want to merge one PDF with another? Unless you buy expensive software, it's impossible - unless you use MergePDF. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Read eBooks on the iPhone

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - Ahh, reading the classics always makes me happy. I could spend hours just curling up with a good story on my iPhone. There is an App named Classics that allows you to listen to any one of several hundred different books on your iPhone. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Sign up for iPhone and Mac Software Beta Testing

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - The word beta supposedly means that a product is not quite there yet - it's still baking, so to speak. We see this word everywhere these days. The nature of software is that we're in a perpetual beta state. Did you know you can sign up to help beta test Apple software? http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Become the World's Best DJ: Kaoss Pad

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - I enjoy listening to music, and creating sounds of my own. I love using my Korg Kaossilator to create and loop sounds. Korg also has the Kaoss Pad, which is a processor. It takes a sound source and acts as a go between from your sound source, to your speakers. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Natural Sweeteners vs Artificial Sweeteners: Truvia

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - I make my own hot chocolate, using natural sweetener and cocoa powder. I avoid anything artificial, such as Splenda and Sweet and Low. It's difficult when I want something sweet, and can't use those things. However, I use Truvia these days. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Days of Thunder for the iPhone

http://go.tagjag.com/thunder - http://geeks.pirillo.com - The App looks fun because it is fun. Days of Thunder is available right now for only 99 cents! If you like racing and games both, there's no better combination! You can have a chance to win one of these Apps for yourself! http://chris.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Create a Digital Photo Montage

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - I know you likely have hundreds or even thousands of photos sitting on your computer right now. Wouldn't you like to throw them into a photo collage? It's easy to do with Shape Collage. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Schedule Appointments in Different Time Zones

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - There's never enough time. Inevitably, we have to communicate with people in different time zones. How do you figure out all of the logistics? It can be a nightmare if you aren't using a service like Permatime. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

What Survey Service Do You Use?

http://go.tagjag.com/gtmchat/ - http://geeks.pirillo.com - The GoToMeeting session this week focused on a pretty cool service that Derek told us all about. I wasn't sure that the Internet needed yet another survey service - but this one is definitely worth checking out! http://live.pirillo.com - http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to Get Free Flowers Online

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - If you're going to buy flowers for someone, you might as well save money in the process! Check out what I may have for you at coupons.pirillo.com before you buy! ProFlowers has decided to give away five $70.00 coupons to some of you to buy flowers for your sweetie! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Back Up Your Tweets from Twitter

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - If you follow me on Twitter, I'll follow you back. If you're not on Twitter, what the heck are you waiting for? Did you know you can even export all of your Tweets to save them for posterity? http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Has the iPhone Game Experience Plateaued?

http://go.tagjag.com/Plateau - http://live.pirillo.com - The idea of the new Plateau game for the iPhone is that you have to untangle the orbs, and have none of the lines crossing. There are 50 levels for you to go through, and they get harder as you advance. http://chris.pirillo.com - http://geeks.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Why are Earbuds so Uncomfortable?

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - Have you ever had those small earbuds from your mp3 player fall out of your ear, or cause discomfort after prolonged use? If so, you may want to try out Breppies. They are comfy little "socks" for your earbuds. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Monday, February 2, 2009

What's Your Favorite Cap to Wear?

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - Typing in all caps is bad. I don't recommend it. But wearing caps is good! I have a large collection of caps. I try to only keep the ones I know I'll wear though. One of you sent me a couple of caps to wear, and they're really cool! http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Edit Videos for Free

http://geeks.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com - If you hadn't noticed, I do happen to record and upload a lot of videos. I don't really like to do video editing. However, there are times it needs to be done. One of the programs I use to edit videos is called ZS4. http://chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

How to Fly a Helicopter on the iPhone: Hellfire

http://go.tagjag.com/hellfire - http://geeks.pirillo.com - A few years ago, I bought my dad a PSP. I haven't really shown him any games on the iPhone. This is one I cannot wait to show him... it's Hellfire. You can fly a helicopter all around your iPhone! http:/chris.pirillo.com Distributed by Tubemogul.