Monday, December 31, 2007

Open Source Questions and Answers - John Perez is a college Freshman who is doing an argumentative paper on Open-Source applications. He sent me a list of ten questions that I am going to answer in simple terms. Also, we're using our GoToMeeting to allow you to follow along with everyone as they use Open-Source applications.   

Telekinesis: Free iPhone Remote - There is an open-source program available that will allow you to run your Mac from your iPhone! This is not a "hack". It's a legitimate piece of software, that you can obtain for free. Control and use your Mac with ease, right from your iPhone!  

USB to Midi - I love to play with my new TENORI-ON. However, I've been having trouble finding a way to sync the music from the TENORI-ON to my computer, so I can save it out as a Midi file. The TENORI-ON comes with Midi cables, so all I needed was the software to make it happen.   

XLR8 - Yes, that really is my Xbox you're seeing streaming live. I bet you're wondering how I'm doing that, and why I'm playing Tetris. Well, Tetris happens to be my all-time favorite game. And now, let me introduce you to the way I am streaming my Xbox live... the new XLR8.   

Notebook Cooler - Notebooks come with many accessories. Something important that you really need is something to keep it cool. You can find many different options online. Let's take a look at this Targus Notebook cooler.   

Buying a Desk - I am looking into possibly buying myself a new desk soon. These tips sent in by community member Serores will definitely come in handy for me. I hope they will for you, as well.   

Canon Digital Camera (SLR): Rebel XTi - Back in the seventh grade, I won a prize of being able to take a few classes at the local Arts center. Back then, we didn't have Digital Cameras. We learned with an actual film (SLR) camera. I fell in love with taking pictures that day, and that is one love that has never waned.   

Quick OLPC Video Review - Awhile back, I recorded a video about the "One Laptop Per Child" program. I purchased one myself. I did it to help another child, and to have a laptop around my house for when kids come over. I received the laptop, so let's check it out!  

The Best Hard Drive Enclosure - I have a large collection of hard drives lying around. I've been looking for a great enclosure for at least one of these, to use as an external drive. I'd rather it be a FireWire 800, as the transfer rates are just outstanding. However, those are hard to come by. Finally... I found exactly what I need.   

13 Port USB Hub! - I absolutely love USB. I've made no secret of that fact in the past. I run out of USB ports all the time. I have 8 ports on my computer itself, and an additional 7 off the pc. I still don't have enough! So, receiving this for Christmas was great!  

Friday, December 28, 2007

Tips for a New Mac User - Daniel is the producer of the Apple Universe podcast. He made this video for us, with his top five tips for beginning Mac Users.   

LED Lights - Ponzi got me the coolest thing for Christmas! They're the perfect compliment for my Tix Clocks, and really make my office fun to be in... and hopefully fun for you all to look at, as well.   

Stocking Stuffers - It's no secret that I love Christmas. One of my absolute favorite things, though, is to stuff stockings. Stockings were always fun and special when I was growing up, so I went all out to make Ponzi's special this year, as well.   

Christmas with the Pirillo Family (by Phone) - Ponzi and I couldn't travel to Iowa this year to be with my family on Christmas. Instead, we did a conference call on Christmas Eve with the gang, and recorded it for everyone to share with us.   

Free Computer! - As promised, I gave away another computer, when we reached 20,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, and to all of you who visit regularly. Don't worry, we'll be giving away more things in the coming weeks and months, including another computer.   

How to Avoid the Blue Screen of Death - Here are some excellent tips sent in by a community member at large, to help us all avoid getting a dreaded BSOD. These are not only frustrating, they can also sometimes signal a major failure.   

Making MIDI Music with the Yamaha Tenori-On - I have no musical ability or talent at all. It's not for lack of trying, I assure you. I love music, and I love creating music. Thanks to the person from the community who recommended this great new toy, I can do this easily! And... special thanks to Ponzi for getting me this for Christmas!  

How to Control Christmas Lights Over the Internet - I received an email a few weeks ago, telling me about a very cool interactive website. I have the site owner on the phone with me, so he can tell us more about how we can interact with his holiday decorations.   

USB Display Adapter for VGA or DVI Monitors - We've talked before about having more than one monitor. If you have two monitors, but only one video card... it can get quite expensive to buy another card. Well, now you don't have to!  

How to Get a Web Cam for Free - Thanks to my Peet's coffee for keeping me awake... and to for donating the merchandise... we are about to give away yet another Web cam! We do this every week, so be sure and stay tuned!   

Thursday, December 27, 2007

USB Microscope Review - So can you tell what it is I'm looking at? Yes, it really is a hair from my nose. I wanted to show you what it looks like using this USB Microscope.   

Casio Exlim EX-1080 - On Black Friday, Ponzi noticed that there was a great sale on the Casio Exlim camera, which is being touted as the "YouTube Camera". I definitely had to check it out, since I record and upload a *lot* of videos.  

Wii Tips - Ponzi wants a Wii, so I thought I would share this list of Wii tips sent in from a community member at large. Here are the top five tips, submitted to my email:  

Nintendo Wii Super Mario Galaxy Review and Tips - One of our regular community members, SWAT, has just beaten Super Mario Galaxy. He's going to give us his review, as well as some tips for playing the game.   

Reasons I Use Outlook - I've been using Microsoft Outlook for about 9 years now. It's an excellent personal information manager... from mail, to tasks and notes, to the calendar. Here is Lisa's list of reasons why she uses Outlook, as well.   

Sunday, December 23, 2007

How to Sell on Ebay - Here are some great tips for being a good Ebay seller. Building up an excellent feedback rating is critical to becoming a successful seller. Following these tips will help you do just that.   

How to Buy on Ebay - From a seasoned Ebay'er, here are some excellent tips to be a good buyer. Stay tuned for the video with being a good seller, as well!  

How to Watch a Show - During the holiday season, many of us will be going to see a show. Whether it's a movie at the cinema, or a live performance in a theater, here are some excellent tips to make the evening more enjoyable for everyone.   

How to Get Started with Linux - Here are five things you need to know before you decide to try a Linux Distro. Don't mistakenly assume it will be an easy switch for you. Any time you change to a completely new Operating System, there will be a trial period, as you get used to it.   

How to Cook at Home - Here are some tips sent in by Michael, who works as a Culinary Chef. They are designed to help make cooking at home easier for you, and more enjoyable!  

How to Save Money on Mac Software (With Santa!) - Software and the holidays go hand in hand. There are many great deals to be found this time of year online. Today, I want to let you know about a great site to save up to 20% on Mac Software this season.   

Remote Control Robot Dalek from Doctor Who - My friend Willie over at ThinkGeek sent me the new Dalek Robot to play with. If you know much about Dr. Who, you'll know what a Dalek is. It's remote control, and fun to play with!  

Saturday, December 22, 2007

i-Sobot Robot Toy Review - Awhile back, I had a toy robot that I never even took out of the box. It was huge, and took like 75 D batteries to operate. The great people over at ThinkGeek sent me one of their new i-Sobot's to play with. This thing is definitely addictive... and now will be a regular part of my show.   

How to Buy a Laptop (Notebook, Portable Computer) - No matter which name you prefer to call it, let's look at some ways to help you decide which one is right for you.   

How to Build Your Own Computer - Tips and Ideas - Here are some excellent tips you should read when you are preparing to build your own computer. Thanks to everyone who continue to send in their Top five lists. Keep them coming!  

Friday, December 21, 2007

AMD Spider Phenom Computer Review (and Computer Giveaway Tease!) - We'll be giving away another computer! The old computer sent to me by AMD will be given away the day after Christmas, provided we've reached 20,000 YouTube subscribers. The reason I'm able to do this? AMD has sent me a new Spider system to try out and review.   

How to Send SMS Messages (Texting Tips) - Thanks to all of you for sending in your Top Five lists. These are great! Keep them coming, by emailing them to me at This one gives us some excellent text etiquette tips!  

How to Keep Your PC Clean and Fast (Speed up Tips) - People ask every day about ways they can keep their computer running smoothly, and how to make it faster. Here are some excellent tips that will help you accomplish both tasks. Keep those top five lists coming!   

Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to Pick the Best (and Worst!) Christmas Gifts for Gamers - These are some excellent tips for buying gifts for console gamers. Not only did he send in the top five things to buy them... we also get the top five things *not* to buy!  

How to Make Coffee at Home - Frech Press and Peet's - Wirelesspacket asked me how I do my coffee at home. He spends too much going to buy his coffee every day, and doesn't like the taste of "store bought" coffees. I was all too happy to show him how I use a French Press to make my Peet's every day.   

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How to Deal with Winter and your Car - Winter not only brings Christmas, it also brings bad weather for much of the United States. Snow, sleet and ice are prevalent, and can wreak havoc on your car. Here are some excellent tips to help you deal more effectively with your car in bad weather.   

Why Your IT Department Doesn't Love the iPhone - DC wrote in to say he and his colleagues feel that Apple should try and market the iPhone to IT and corporate professionals, because of the obvious increase in revenue. Here is his list of reasons why IT Departments hate the iPhone.   

Should you buy an LCD or Plasma HDTV? - It's really a matter of personal preference when choosing one of these over the other. I personally prefer the Plasma screens, but I know many people who like the LCD more. Let's take a look at some of the differences between the two.   

How to Buy Xbox 360 Gifts for Geeks - One of our community members loves playing Xbox so much, he sent me in a top TEN list of tips... instead of the normal top five. Sit back and watch as we check out these great tips for buying Xbox gifts for Geeks!  

How to Travel - Along with the holidays comes travel to visit friends and family. Here are some great tips sent in by a community member to make your traveling a bit easier.   

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to Keep from Getting Bored if the Internet Goes Down - *GASP* What? The Internet could go down? What will we do? How will we survive? Unfortunately, it happens to all of us at some point. Here are some interesting ideas to keep yourself busy during the "Intarweb's" downtimes.   

How to do Christmas Shopping - Christmas shopping can be a nightmare, it's true. I have here some tips for you to make your shopping experience much easier. Don't forget... if you're shopping online, be sure to check out my blog at for all kinds of great coupons and deals to save you money!  

How to Take Pictures of Pets and Kids - It's that time of year again. Families will come together, children will be in wonderful, smiling moods, and you'll have your camera permanently attached to your hand. Here are some tips sent in by eatsalot, to help you take better pictures of your loved ones.   

USB Cable Mess - This video is a plea to all device manufacturers in the world out there who insist on creating proprietary USB cables. I have a huge bin full of USB cables that I have NO idea what they go to.   

How to Play Wii - My Wii was still in the box when I gave it to my parents. Had they not taken it, I could probably retire to the Bahamas at this point for the price I could get. Let's take a look at some tips for playing the Wii that a community member sent in to me.