Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Bad AntiSpyware List - There are so many choices out there for Anti-Spyware programs. The problem is... do you realize how many of them are scams? There is a list of Rogue Anti-Spyware programs available, which I read off in this video. Is your Anti-Spyware program on this list?

How to Deal with Taxes - It's that time of year again... tax time. *GASP* Don't pass out on me! I know that tax season is very stressful for many people. Here are some tips that can make this year much easier to get through.

How to Start a Website - Have you ever wanted to have your own Website? Do you know how to go about getting started? Here are some tips sent in by Lewis that may shed some light on these questions... and more.

How to Choose the Best Airline - Do you travel by air often? Are you going to be flying in the near future? What airline do you choose? How do you know which is best? Here are some tips to help you decide the next time (or first time!) you will fly.   

How to Keep From Being Stinky - Yes, you read that right. This video isn't about Technology in any way. It's about Body Odor. A reader sent in these tips. Believe it or not, many people don't follow these simple tips every day... do you?  

Monday, January 28, 2008

How to Get Along in an Online Forum - Do you visit online forums? Do you behave while you're there? Do you know HOW to behave in a forum environment? Here are some tips to make your forum experience a much happier one for you... and the forum Moderation Team.   

MMORPG Etiquette - A community member writes: "I have been a player of the MMO, Massive Multiplayer Online game, City of Heroes and the expansion, City of Villains since the original CoH came out in April of 2004. I have ran across plenty of newbies and general idiots over the course of almost four years. I hope these tips help people not to be such "noobs"."  

How to Deal with Media and MP3 Players while Driving - I'm the same as you... I take my iPhone everywhere with me. I'm sure most of you have your phones and MP3 players in your cars with you, as well. We've all heard of the potential dangers of using these devices while driving. Here are some tips to help reduce your chance of problems.   

How to get Homework Done - Recently, I did a video with tips on note taking during class. Here are some tips for getting your homework done, as well as some for getting good grades.   

Giveaway Night - Just like every week, we recently gave away another web cam... courtesy of We do this every week, and the requirements to be eligible are simple. What are you waiting for? Join us, and you could win something, too!  

iPod Software Update - This video was recorded on January 15th, the day Apple announced that new iPod Touch's software will have five new apps bundled with it, so long as you pay $20.00. I feel this is wrong, but want you to consider some things before you make your decision.   

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Being the Perfect Techie - Are you a local Computer Technician? Being in business for yourself in this area can be difficult... but it can also be very rewarding. Here are some excellent tips to help you be the best Techie you can be.  

How Can Software be Perfect? - What do we need in order to have "perfect" software? What can companies do to achieve this lofty goal? Here are some excellent tips sent in by a community member. Software manufacturers... pay attention!  

Protect Yourself from Getting Hacked - Have you ever been hacked? Are you sure you haven't been? I was once, through my own stupidity. It's easy to have it happen to you. Fortunately, it's honestly easy to keep from getting hacked, as well.   

How to Buy a Hard Drive - Liam is 14 years old, and from the United Kingdom. He definitely has a bright future ahead of him. He sent in this top 5 list, with his tips on buying an external hard drive. Pay close attention to these tips if you're in the market for one of these devices. Liam's advice is right on target.   

How to Avoid Spam (Junk Email) - Community member Zachary is the Webmaster for RuneTomb, INC. Here are his top tips for stopping Email spam if you are a website Developer or IT person.   

Homemade Gifts - Erin writes: "One thing that always gets people stressed during the various birthdays and holidays throughout the year is finding the perfect gifts for friends and family. I am a big believer in making gifts for people. I always find that people really appreciate a homemade gift. Here is my top 5 list of homemade gifts."  

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Undertow for Free on Xbox 360 Marketplace - Are you an Xbox 360 fan? Do you enjoy playing at the Marketplace? Now you can play Undertow... completely for free.   

Arcade Fun - I finished a game of Ms. PacMan, and decided I'd rather play Tempest. No wait, I think it's Pong I'm wanting to play. I'm not hacking anything, honest! I'm using my very own arcade machine from Dream Arcades!  

Insert Coin: Game Over! - My new Arcade Game finally showed up today! One of the chat room members was kind enough to record the big "unboxing" moments for me.   

Tips for Girl Gamers - This may come as a surprise, but I am neither a girl, nor a Gamer! However, I do have an excellent top 5 list here, sent in by a community member... who happens to be a girl gamer!  

How to Secure Your Wireless Network - One community member wrote: "After years of mistrust about wireless networks and creative use of Ethernet cabling I have now adopted a wireless network in my home for a laptop to access anywhere in the house. I have over the past week, done a lot of research and have some tips the community might want to consider in relation to the setup and/or use of wireless networks."  

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How to Check Electricity and Energy Use - Do you know how much energy each of my 30" monitors takes up? Do you know how much they cost me on a monthly basis? More importantly... how much does YOUR computer cost you a month? Do you even know, or know how to find out?  

Chumby Widget - Recently, I showed off my new Chumby. It's truly addictive, and the live community has had a blast being able to send messages to Chuck the Chumby. I have a user named Rotozip who created a Widget.   

Hawaii To Do List - Ponzi and I just returned from our cruise to Hawaii. We were fortunate to stream live from the ship, thanks to a mobile broadband connection. We wanted to share with you the things we want to make sure you remember to see or do if you ever visit Hawaii.   

Tetris Game Without a Download: Netris! - It's no secret that I am highly addicted to Tetris. I love to play, and I'm quite competitive at it. I absolutely love this new online version, where I can play against others from my live community.   

Vacation Credit Card Tips - Ponzi and I just returned from a vacation in Hawaii. Credit cards can be a blessing... or a curse. Here are some tips we came up with when going on vacation, and using your credit card.   

Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to be a Good Software Programmer - I programmed a dog into this live video feed. Can you find him? Go ahead... I'll give you a couple of seconds to look for him. I have a top five list submitted by Raleigh, full of tips to help you become a good Programmer.   

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Reasons I Might Never Move to Hawaii - It's absolutely beautiful here in Hawaii. The weather is great. The scenery is amazing. However, I just don't think I could live here. Let me tell you why...  

It's Not Just a Screwdriver - Screwdrivers are wonderful tools. The issue I have with some screwdrivers is that I can't quite get it to fit where it needs to go. This is increasingly frustrating when working in small spaces, especially behind your desk!  

Cruise Ship Internet - I'm sorry about the bad image and sound quality. We are on a cruise ship in Hawaii right now. I'm using the Internet via a connection provided to me from This is, of course, a mobile broadband connection.  

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Secret Language of Lovers - As Ponzi and I prepared to leave for our Hawaiian Cruise last week, we had a discussion about different "code words" and phrases that we tend to use. I bet you and your significant other know exactly what we're talking about.   

Friday, January 18, 2008

Whack me in the Face - You Know you Want To


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Packing Tips - As you know by now, Ponzi and I are on our cruise through Hawaii this week. Since we've taken so many trips and cruises together, we have become pros at packing. We thought we'd share some tips with you all.   

Hawaii - Yes, it's true. Ponzi and I are on vacation in Hawaii this week, via a cruise ship. Check out this view! How amazing is that? Don't you wish you were here?  

Computer Tech Support with Citrix GoToAssist (Beta) - Ever since we brought Citrix and GoToMeeting aboard as a sponsor, we've had tremendous feedback. Every day, our users ask if we can start a GoToMeeting, to have a live 'meeting' together, and share desktops.   

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cruise Tips - Ponzi and I are on a Hawaii Cruise this week. We both truly love to go on a cruise. Here are some tips we came up with to help you enjoy your next cruise.   

Become a Browser Music DJ in a Flash! - Have you always secretly yearned to be a DJ? Here's your chance! Check out how you can become a great DJ by using your browser.  

Be a Good YouTube Viewer - There's actually more to YouTube than just watching random videos and moving on. Here are some great tips sent in by a community member to help you enhance your YouTube experience.   

The Giveaway That Almost Didn't Happen - Rigged? - This past week, it seemed nothing was going right for our giveaway. However, we do have a winner.  

Outdoor Photography Tips - Taking pictures outside is a different ballgame than snapping shots indoors. Everything is different, from the lighting to the backgrounds. Here are some tips to help you take beautiful shots when outdoors.   

Monday, January 14, 2008

Isopropyl Alcohol - Who knew there were so many great uses for this stuff? I certainly didn't, until this top 5 list was sent in!  

Hot to Play - and WIN - at Online Poker - You know you've always wanted to give it a try. Maybe you thought every online Poker site was a hoax, or maybe you're just afraid you won't understand how to play. Here are some tips sent in by a community member to help you get started.   

How to Take Care of Your 2-Stroke Motorcycle - A community member writes: "For those of you that are able to legally ride a 2-stroke motorcycle these will be of great use! People can still use these pocket rockets for fun on private land, so these tips may still be useful."  

Espresso! - Pixle101 made this list as a reply to my perfect coffee video. He has tried the French Press. He agrees it is great for brew coffee. But, he loves Latte and AuLait. So here are his 5 Tips to Espresso.   

MacWorld from Hawaii - Yes, I'm in Hawaii right now, enjoying the sunny weather. I thought I'd share with everyone the five reasons I'd rather be here in Hawaii, instead of at MacWorld.   

Friday, January 11, 2008

Good Blog Comments - Blogging is just huge. It seems like everyone AND their mom has a blog these days. Commenting on blog posts is a great way to interact with the author. Here are some tips to help you be able to be a better commenter.   

Monitor Your Web Site's Uptime for Free - I've been dealing with Web servers for more than 10 years now. I own my own dedicated servers at this point, and host through WebAir. I may be able to work out a deal for you, if you're needing new service. Let's look at how you can monitor your uptime.   

Find Local Computer Repair - When needing your computer fixed, you have two options: a small local repairman, or a large store-based repair technician. Which is better? Who should you trust? This video should answer those questions for you.   

Are You a First Person Shooter N00b? - If you are new to playing first person shooter games, then this video is for you! Here are some excellent tips sent in by a community member to help newcomers (and old-timers!) to improve their gaming experience.   

Take Notes at School - High school and college aren't easy for most people to fly through. Here are some tips sent in by regular community member Snakeyes. He is a college student, and wants to share his tips for study and information retention.