Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Step Back From the Baggage Claim at Gnomedex

http://gnomedex.com - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - What happens when you take a step back? It's very powerful and can change the world. A single example can make a huge difference in our businesses and our lives. When Jason Barger approached me to discuss his book, I begged him immediately to join us on the Gnomedex stage. This is what our conference is all about - changing the world one person... one day - one STEP BACK - at a time. http://www.stepbackfromthebaggageclaim.com/ - http://chris.pirillo.com
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Family Technology Trends

http://gnomedex.com - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - The family that gets geeky together stays together. That's how the saying goes, isn't it? It doesn't matter, I suppose. I happen to know that it's very true. My parents - Joe and Judy Pirillo - and my brother Adam were all here to help with the Gnomedex conference. While hanging around at the house late one night after the event had ended for the day, I noticed that everyone was playing with some type of gadget. Here you see Dad shooting things on the iPad while Mom is griping at a game on her iPod Touch. Adam, of course, couldn't resist stepping in to help Dad get his game on. Does your family get geeky together? http://twitter.com/joepirillo - http://twitter.com/frojive
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Monday, August 30, 2010

The [Ultimate] Oatmeal Recipe

http://gnomedex.com - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://twitter.com/oatmeal - Matt Inman didn't come to Gnomedex to discuss baking. He wasn't explaining how his mom fixed his breakfast. He stood before us on the big stage to tell us his recipe for success. Matt IS the Oatmeal. His cartoons and quizzes are legendary. His is a story of passion and dedication, of laughter and late nights, and of skyrocketing over the top of that "other" type of oatmeal within a Google search. This, my friends, is the stuff dreams are made of. Meeting Matt in person and realizing what a fun and humble person he is just adds the proverbial icing to the cake - or would that be on the cookies? http://theoatmeal.com/ - http://chris.pirillo.com -
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How to Keep Your Cables Untangled

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com - I HATE CABLES! I hate the mess they make. I hate seeing them coiling all around the gadgets on my desk. I can't stand it when they get all tangled together into one huge knot. I picked myself up a new organizer recently for only ten bucks. This little thing is awesome! It keeps everything neat and tidy. The Dotz even prevents the tangling and knots that can often happen, and accommodates up to three cables at a time. http://live.pirillo.com
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is the Only Rubik's Puzzle I Can Solve

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com - I remember the first Rubik's Cube I had many moons ago. It was given to me when I was in grade school. Much like every Rubik's Cube I've owned over the years, I couldn't solve it beyond the first couple of steps. I enjoy puzzles even if I'm not always very good at them. This new version of the popular cube is pretty cool, though. It appeals to my love of gadgetry and things that glow while giving me a better shot at actually beating the game. http://geeks.pirillo.com
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Brian Solis at Gnomedex

http://gnomedex.com - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - Brian is globally recognized as one of most prominent thought leaders in new media. A digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist, Solis has influenced the effects of emerging media on the convergence of marketing, communications, and publishing. He is principal of FutureWorks, an award-winning New Media agency in Silicon Valley, and has led interactive and social programs for Fortune 500 companies, notable celebrities, and Web 2.0 startups BrianSolis.com is ranked among the top of worlds leading business and marketing online resources. http://chris.pirillo.com
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Does a Cell Phone Make You Rude?

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com - Back in the day we tended to focus more on what the person across from us was saying vs. what the person that we couldn't see was on our phone. Nowadays we check email, tweets, texts, calls, etc, and in social situations, this can seem extremely rude. Mashable tackled this in an article yesterday on ending social rudeness by putting your phone away. http://youtube.com/wilsontech1
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Livin' La Vida LEGO

http://go.tagjag.com/chrispirillolego - http://www.facebook.com/chrispirillo - Are you a LEGO maniac, too? I was pleasantly surprised when community member Zane Harnish built my home office with the free LEGO Digital Designer. Even though you can buy this kit to build for yourself, I wouldn't recommend it - based on price, as I mentioned in the video. Can someone build a model of my home office that is substantially cheaper? Download the LXF: http://drop.io/6ggihvr Oh, and... I know I slaughtered the meme - and realized it after I uploaded the video, so I'm not going to reupload. I leave it to you to give us a better 'yo dawg." :)
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spot Draves Brings Digital Art to Gnomedex

http://gnomedex.com - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://twitter.com/spot - Spot is a visual and software artist living in New York City. Draves is best known as the creator of the Electric Sheep, a continually evolving abstract animation with over 60,000 daily participants. Draves award-winning work is permanently hosted on MoMA.org, and has appeared in Wired and Discover magazines, and even as an official skin for Google Chrome. http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com
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Apple Magic Trackpad Review

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - Apple's Magic Trackpad is definitely magical. It made some money disappear from my wallet faster than you can count it out. If you've been used to the way Apple does their trackpads, then you'll be familiar with this device. There's no real moving parts so to speak. It does have a large surface, and looks sort of like one of Apple's keyboards - minus the keys. It works well so far, even if it doesn't recognize gestures and swipes from my chin or nose. http://chris.pirillo.com
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Geek on a Trapeze

http://gnomedex.com - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - The Gnomedex wrap party this year was held at Emerald City Trapeze, and hostessed by @seattlewinegal. In addition to great food and drink - and professional aerial performances - several of us in attendance got our chance to fly through the air. Keep in mind that I do NOT enjoy heights and I have never done something like this before. However, I have to say that the whole landing thing was pretty cool. Have you ever flown on a trapeze? Don't knock it until you try it. Much thanks once again to all of our party sponsors that night for an amazing event - Blue Moon Burgers, Beer2Buds and the Washington Wine Commission. http://chris.pirillo.com
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Gnomedex 10 - Austin Heap

http://gnomedex.com - http://www.censorshipresearch.org/ - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - If you don't know who Austin Heap is, then you're going to want to. He recently appeared on the cover of Newsweek Magazine, where his work in bringing uncensored Internet to the people of Iran was featured. Austin believes in fighting censorship in all forms and works tirelessly around the world to foster change in the way governments, leaders and citizens think about the free exchange of information. He is someone to be admired for the things he's done, but he's also one of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet. http://chris.pirillo.com - http://twitter.com/austinheap
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Robert Scoble Interviews Kat During Gnomedex

http://gnomedex.com - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://twitter.com/katarmstrong - http://chris.pirillo.com - During the Gnomedex registration party, the people watching the live stream wanted to talk to Robert Scoble. Kat dragged him over to the camera and apparently tried to leave. Robert had other ideas though. He decided to turn the tables on her and he interviewed her. Keep in mind that Scoble interviews some of the biggest and brightest people in technology and social media. In the mind of our community, Kat is a rock star among them and it was smart of Robert to take time to talk with her. According to this footage captured by UncleJohn, they had quite an interesting conversation. http://live.pirillo.com
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Geeky Video Game Bathroom

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com - I am attempting to build the world's Geekiest bathroom. A few weeks ago, I showed off my NES controller soap. I felt it was looking lonely all by itself in the upstairs bathroom, so I picked up a few other Geeky types of soaps. Some of these were purchased from a different vendor than I normally use, and they decided to throw in a surprise... a Chris Pirillo head soap! I can now wash myself with myself! You can now wash YOUR body with my face. If you know of other ways I can Geekify my bathroom, please - let me know. http://lockergnome.net
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Should Celebrities Abuse Their Social Media Followers?

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com - This week, Lamarr is all worked up over Justin Bieber and his apparent mis-use of Twitter. It seems as though JB was upset after a fan hacked the computer of a friend of the Bieb to obtain Justin's cell phone number. This "hacker" then called and texted JB a few times. In order to get back at the poor kid, Justin tweeted HIS phone number out, claiming it was his own. The kid received thousands upon thousands of text messages and telephone calls. To me, this is a blatant case of abusing one's power, and JB owes this kid a public apology - and then some. Lamarr doesn't necessarily agree, though. What do YOU think? http://youtube.com/wilsontech1
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Are There Things You Should Not Use a Laptop For?

http://lockergnome.net - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - Over on Lockergnome, PhidiasBob asked the community if there are things you can do on a desktop machine that you should NOT do on a laptop. This is a fair question to ask. I think the only thing I wouldn't do with a notebook or laptop vs a desktop is to do something that is very memory or processor intensive. They to tend to underpowered compared to your desktop system... and some machines will even end up having an overheating problem if you push them too hard. http://chris.pirillo.com
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Parallels Makes the Switch to Mac a Snap

http://go.tagjag.com/parallels - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - Not long ago, one of our community members received a Macbook from me as a gift. UncleJohn has been a member of our corner of the world for many years, and has been helping me convert and process my videos for a long time. He does this on his own time, as a volunteer, simply because he loves what we do. When his old Windows machine died, I had to help him out. Once our friends at Parallels heard this story, they knew they wanted to help. They sent him everything he needed to make THE switch to Mac - and UncleJohn couldn't be happier. http://chris.pirillo.com
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Who is Vanae Tran?

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com - Vanae is a life and dating coach from California who was chosen as a team member this year for the Ford Fiesta Movement (chapter 2!). The Fiesta Movement brought ideas and art to life right here in our own backyards. The teams of agents - including Vanae - brought the passion and creativity. Ford brought the public spaces. The teams worked to promote the car, hosted local events and competed for their chance to win a Fiesta of their own. http://facebook.com/vanae - http://vanae.com
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Starting a Small Business

http://lockergnome.net - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - TechnTux is planning to start a small multimedia company in the near future, and asked the community for some tips. He wondered what pitfalls he should avoid, and what types of problems he can cut off at the pass before they can happen. I started my small business in 1996 and I've been at it for over ten years. I have a small amount of experience, and have picked up a few tips and tricks. The bottom line, though, is that no one will know your business better than you. The onus is on you to make others understand it properly. http://chris.pirillo.com
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Are Women Bigger Gamers Than Men?

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com - It's true: The New York Times reported on Sunday that Women are starting to outpace men in online time with social networking, instant messaging, and other communications. The most shocking one is online gaming! Will we see women take over gaming in the next few years? - http://youtube.com/wilsontech1 - http://lockergnome.net

Favorite Seattle Arist - Justin Hillgrove

http://impsandmonsters.com/ - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - My favorite artist of all time is Justin Hillgrove - and he happens to be from Seattle. The first time I saw his work was during the Seattle Folklife Festival back in December. I fell in love with the original artwork on display, and knew I had to have some of it in my own home. Unfortunately, the originals were a bit out of my budget. However, Justin has prints and even postcard books available for people like me who wish to have something created by him. http://chris.pirillo.com

When Will 4GB of RAM be Obsolete?

http://lockergnome.net - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - Nazmus Khandaker asked the Lockergnome community recently when we feel that 4GB of RAM just won't be "enough" for our machines. As of now, there are very few people who need more than this, even though we all like to think we do. If you think back to when Windows XP was released, the minimum requirement to install was 64MB of RAM. Compare that to Vista or Windows 7 - or any other software on the market today. Most of it will require you to have at least 1 or 2GB of memory. So - when will we see the day where 4GB isn't enough anymore? http://chris.pirillo.com

Trillian 5 for Instant Messaging

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com - Derrick is a fan of instant messaging applications, just as I'm sure most of you are. Each of us has our own preference when it comes to an all-in-one program. Some may love Adium while others swear that Pidgin is the only way to go. However, Derrick feels strongly that the newest version of Trillian will make you want to leave other IM clients behind. http://youtube.com/NevermoarTV - http://lockergnome.net

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Brand is Your SD Card?

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com - Over on Lockergnome, BMM2010 asked: "Does a class and make (manufacturer) of an SD/micro SD card really make a difference?" The short answer is that yes - it does. I have always believed that you get what you pay for. If you think you're getting an amazing deal, you may end up with junk that will fail on you. Most of the time, you tend to get more bang for your buck. The class of an SD card determines how fast it is. A class 2 card, therefore, should not get the speeds of one that is a class 10... so don't believe the crap advertising telling you otherwise. http://chris.pirillo.com
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Why Didn't Second Life Become a Hit?

http://lockergnome.net - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - Over on Lockergnome, Guyfromdenmark wonders why Second Life never became a hit. When it was first launched, he (and all of us, really) thought that it would be a HUGE deal. It pretty much just fizzled and died, and our Denmark friend asks the community their thoughts on what happened. http://chris.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com
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Why Didn't Second Life Become a Gaming Hit?

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://lockergnome.net - Over on Lockergnome, Guyfromdenmark wonders why Second Life never became a hit. When it launched, it appeared as though it would be HUGE - and it didn't. He was confused, and asked opinions from the community as to what we feel caused it to "flop" in comparison to what it should have done. http://chris.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Harmonious ke

http://go.tagjag.com/harmonious - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - I purchased the Harmonious Sketchpad app for my iPhone AND my iPad after seeing someone demonstrate it. I love to pretend I'm an artist by creating something unique and fun, and this app is one of the best I've found to help me do this. The touch interface is very intuitive, allowing you to interact with the same elements as found on the web. http://chris.pirillo.com - http://lockergnome.net
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

What is the Size of Your Largest Hard Drive?

http://go.tagjag.com/3tb - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - What's the biggest hard drive you have in your possession right now? Which single hard drive in your home has the largest capacity? I happen to have a 3 TB drive here, sent to me as a review unit by Seagate. It's their FreeAgent GoFlex external drive. If you remember, I've reviewed some of their stuff in the past, and been very happy with it. Does this particular drive stand up to the test? http://chris.pirillo.com
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QR Relay Copies a URL From a Browser to a Phone

http://go.tagjag.com/quiqr - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - There are many different ways that you can copy a URL from a browser on your desktop (or laptop!) onto your mobile device. I've tried several of them, and finally have found what I feel is the easiest method of all. Google Chrome has an extension called "QR Relay" which is free to use. It will create a QR code from any web page which you can then scan into your phone using a corresponding application. On the iPhone, I happen to use quiQR. http://chris.pirillo.com - http://lockergnome.net
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why Do Law Enforcement Officials Love the iPhone?

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com - Did you know just how MUCH information the iPhone stores on you? Police do, and they LOVE the iPhone for making it easier to track down criminals. The Chicago Sun Times discussed exactly what the iPhone stores without your knowledge, and we discuss this in today's video. Lamarr didn't know that quite this much information was captured and stored without your knowledge - did you? http://youtube.com/wilsontech1 - http://lockergnome.net
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How Do You Deal With Bullies?

http://lockergnome.net - http://twitter.com/chrispirillo - http://facebook.com/chrispirillo - Over on Lockergnome, Pretty Pink asked a question about dealing with school bullies. Apparently, this is a hot topic, as it has received more answers and discussion from the community than most other questions on the site. It's sad to see that so many of you have to deal with some type of bully, be it in a school setting or online. In my opinion, people who bully others do so because something is seriously lacking in their own lives. No matter their reason for acting out this way, we still all have to find ways to deal with them when the situation arises. http://chris.pirillo.com - http://live.pirillo.com
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