Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chris's First Computer - IAteAPen, a new users to our chat room, wants to know what Chris's first computer was.

Chris first used the Commodore Vic-20, with a cassette tape, learning how to save program to diskette and how to program in BASIC. He also did quite a bit of programming on the Commodore 64.

Years later in college he purchased a basic PC for $200 in 1993, with a modem. He used telix to dial out to BBS services and kermit to dial into his universities network.

While the Commodore Vic 20 and the old PC were the first machines Chris cut his teeth on, his first real computer was a Packard Bell 486-DX2 66 with a 14" monitor and Windows 3.11 pre-installed, which he bought for $2000.

What was your first computer?

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