Thursday, June 14, 2007

Digital Camera Buying Advice - One of Chris's friends found a website that offered the Canon TX-1 for almost one hundred dollars less than what Amazon was offering it for. He placed the order, then received an e-mail response with a request to call the company in order to complete the order.

Chris's advice: he's walking directly into a bait and switch scam. When they have you on the phone they'll up sell you, or only sell you the camera but it won't include a lens or battery.

Chris found himself in a similar situation in a store in San Francisco: he saw a camera at an incredible discount, but it didn't come with a box (it cost extra) or a battery (which was an extra $100!)

The lesson: be as careful online as you are in the real world. If something seems fishy, or you're just not comfortable with the transaction then you have the right to back out of the purchase.

Do you have any suggestions for avoiding the classic bait and switch scams?

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