Monday, July 2, 2007

Nokia N800 Mobile Device - Thoughfix, a regular community member, saw Chris and Scoble chatting about the iPhone and he thought he would chime in with information on a new device that might just beat the iPhone for mobile web surfing.

The Nokia N800 is a device that some people say is actually better than the iPhone:

  • It is built on Linux, so there are a ton of applications out there already out there.
  • It comes with Opera 8, a full-fledged web browser with Flash 7.
  • Supports WiFi or a dial-up connection via Bluetooth.
  • Supports a full QWERTY keyboard via Bluetooth.
  • Comes with an integrated webcam and microphone for Internet calling via Skype (which means you can use SkypeOut as your phone service!)
  • Full Instant Messaging and E-Mail clients.

Basically, it's a Tablet PC without the bulkiness of a notebook, or the near-minuscule size of a cell phone.

Do you have a Nokia N800? If so, how do you like it?

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