Thursday, June 24, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Problems - - Before I left the house tonight (to attend a tech industry event at a local winery), I heard news that Apple was starting to respond to reports of antenna problems in the iPhone 4. Out of the array of links discovered, this one is probably the most important one for you to read: Getting the antenna "right" isn't an easy task for any company, but I'm not so sure Apple is handling this the right way. An iPhone Bumper is ~$30, though I'm sure it's costing Apple pennies on the dollar - certainly not worth the PR hit they're taking with this thing. Let's face it: when you ship 1,000,000 phones in a single day, there are bound to be some problems - and more than likely, a good portion of people will experience these problems. What do you think about the matter?
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